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Unfortunately, sex with a partner isn’t always an option and so we have to turn to the next best thing – satisfying ourselves. 

For most people masturbation is something kept private often in the realms of a bedroomshower or even a wardrobe. 

But when you’re horny, where you hide your toys and get busy without getting caught should be the least of your worries so here are our tricks for keeping it on the down low when getting off. 

  1. Lock your door

    Let’s start with the basics. If you’re concerned about privacy, being in a room with a good door lock is key (pun intended).  

  2. Keep it quiet

    Watching porn when there are others in the house can be risky business if you’re not using earphones/headphones. I highly recommend using wired or wireless in-ear earphones and only putting one in your ear and leaving the other out so you can hear when someone knocks or literally calls out your name. 

    One of the best things about Fleshlight toys like the Fleshlight Girls are that they are quiet – unlike the girls themselves, these compact babes make no noise.  

  3. Play music
    Turn on music while you masturbate and anyone around you will be none the wiser. A little music can help to set the mood and should also mask the sounds of your pleasure. 
  4. Buy travel-friendly toys

    Sometimes the mood strikes in inconvenient places to use your favourite sex toy, so a quick solution is to use a toy that fits in your bag, briefcase or in the glovebox of your car without drawing too much attention. Check out the Quickshot, which is less than half the size of the original Fleshlight proving size doesn’t really matter.  

    By the way, you don’t have to worry about your Fleshlight package making a scene when it arrives because our shipping and billing is discreet so the pleasure is all yours. 

  5. Get extra wet in the shower 
    The shower is definitely one of the best places to masturbate. Temperature play, adjustable shower heads, water pressure – so many variables! Not only are you guaranteed privacy, but the sound of the water drowns the sounds of your moans and plus, it’s an easy clean for when you cum. Elevate your personal shower sex experience to the next level with a shower mount that allows you to use your favourite Fleshlight in the shower without having the hassle of using your hands. 

  6. Have a reason 
    Even if you’re a pro at me-time, there may come a day when a relative or a housemate knocks on your door while your hands are down your pants. Have a reason ready to go before that encounter happens so you’re prepared with something like, “Give me a sec, I’m getting changed.” If worse comes to worse and you get walked-in on, just own it because everyone does it. 

  7. Keep it clean 

    This one’s a bit of common sense, but make sure you clean up post-masturbation. No one wants or needs to come across the evidence of a busted nut. 

    If you wouldn’t reuse a towel or sock you just jizzed in, the same goes with your Fleshlight or any other toy – clean it after every use. Fleshwash will keep your Fleshlight clean as a whistle, while the Renewing Powder keeps it feeling like the very first time. 

    As for storage, keep your toys in a plain storage box or desk drawer that’s not likely to be opened by anyone but just make sure they’re clean and dry. 

  8. Be aware of your surroundings
    It’s probably best to avoid masturbating in public parking lots (that’s just weird) and inside moving vehicles (safety first – hands on the wheel at all times) but besides that,if you’re safe and not disturbing anyone, spend as much quality time with yourself wherever and whenever you need.