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A quick google search would reveal lots of things people can do without using their hands, such as driving a car, eating a sandwich, and even assembling furniture.  

When you think of a hands-free activity, masturbating probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind, however, Fleshlight is changing the way we give you a hand. 

Our range of mounts exclusively designed by Liberator are ideal for both hands-free pleasure and stamina training techniques.  

Liberator mounts hold the Fleshlight in place and simulate different sexual positions: On a Mission, Two Play, and Top Dog.  These wipeable mounts also includes a microfiber base for non-skid use so you can pump and play all day long. 

So, if you thought orgasming without using your hands was impossible, Fleshlight just made it mission possible. 


Though considered on the tamer side of things, there’s a reason missionary position is the go-to position for many people: it’s comfy, hassle-free, and so suitable for practically everyone.  

On top, you’re able to rest your hands or elbows on the mount or on the floorChoose where you rest your body, whether it’s straight on or angled without having to worry about where you put your hands. 

This versatile missionary style Fleshlight mount is made for your comfort, giving you the power to control the way you masturbate.  

Playing with a partner? Don’t lose the intimacy people love about missionary. While you use the mount to stroke, get them sit on top of the mount and wrap their legs around you as you kiss your way to bliss. 


If you think two people means twice the fun, Fleshlight’s Two Play is just for you (and for them too). 

The perfect Fleshlight mount for you and your partner to use, the triangular shaped mount provides a flawless angle to ensure maximum pleasure for the both of you.  

The slight elevation of the mount lets your partner lie down facing you with their pelvic area lifted, serving their best parts closer to you, while also allowing their blood circulation to rush to their lifted pelvis maximising opportunity for climax. 

But if you find missionary a little too vanilla, don’t want couple play, and want something more to release your inner animal, the Top Dog might be more your style. 


Who ever said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? As its name suggests, this mount takes after the very popular doggy-style.  

The Top Dog features a smooth curved dip on top to give you the best grip and simulate the real deal as you train lone wolf or with a playmate.  

With your hands free as you wank, you can also use a vibrator, squeeze, scratch, or spank. 

This position offers a lot of variety (re: penetration via vaginal or anal) so no wonder it’s a go-to.  

Whether you’re playing on your own or with a partner, Fleshlight offers a mount that tends to your needs.  

These mounts are here to liberate you and take your masturbation experience to the next level.  

Pair the mount with your favourite Fleshlight and try this hands-off approach the and show off who’s the Top Dog.