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He’s taken on the role of just about every job known to man from doctor to lawyer, teacher, plumber, and even astronaut, but can now add Fleshlight Guy to his never-ending list of professions.

Johnny Sins is one of the world’s most famous male porn stars and is known for his rocking fit body and shaved head.

Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania as Steven Wolfe, Johnny wasn’t always the charming and confident lad we know and love today. He was very shy and just a scrawny little boy.

It wasn’t until the age of 19 that Sins started working out at home and began to build muscle, which not only helped him look but feel better.

When he went to university, he got absolutely hooked on workouts and started exercising every day and was super keen to learn more about diet and fitness.

A girl from his high school who had entered the adult film industry had “planted the seed” in his mind when she said he’d be great at porn. So, while he was studying and working in construction, he always had the thought in the back of his mind.

The moment he realised porn was a career option for him, he quit his day job, packed his bags and ditched the cold for some California sun.

Johnny answered ads on Craigslist that didn’t pay anything until eventually the ball kept rolling and he became one of the world’s most loved male porn stars and was even named ‘Favourite Male Porn Star’ at the 2016, 2017 and 2018 AVN Awards. He was also awarded ‘Most Popular Male Performer by Women’ at the Pornhub Awards in 2018 and 2019. Talk about putting in the hard work!

With a performance count of 2,300+ videos over the span of his porn career, you know he means business so what better way to test out Sins’ long john than to ride him yourself.

Moulded from his girthy penis that stands at a total length of 8.13 inches, and has an insertable length of 6.63 inches, you know you’re up for a sensational and sinful time.

Sins’ chilled and laidback attitude made Hawaii the ideal place to call home and the perfect backdrop to achieve his goals in life, which are to be happy, stress-free, and live his life on his own terms.

There’s nothing he loves more than his dogs, doing yoga, and listening to the beautiful sound of the ocean. When he’s not stretching out and relaxing, you can find this nomadic hunk on Twitter, Cameo, or join his 1.6+ million subscribers on his YouTube Channel SinsTV where he regularly shares workouts, food tastings and of course sex tips and tricks.

Even better, why not get the full Johnny treatment and let Mr Sins show you how he turns even the biggest saints into the dirtiest sinners with his Fleshlight dildo.

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