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With any investment, you’d want to get the most out of your purchase so why treat your Fleshlight any differently.

Unfortunately, a proper clean of your favourite pocket pussy isn’t as simple as a quick rinse and dry, but what it does mean is that your Fleshlight’s SuperSkin interior be kept in top shape for years and years to come.

Over time and with consistent use, the SuperSkin sleeve may naturally lose some of its softness but by taking the time to clean and care for your Fleshlight, you’ll avoid the possibility of catching a nasty infection, which means you’ll have an amazing erotic experience every single time.

Now let’s get down to business for what to do once you’ve done your business.

Step 1: Remove case

After you’ve finished, disassemble the hard case and sleeve by removing both the top and bottom caps and sliding the sleeve out. Wash the HARD CASE ONLY with soap and hot water then leave aside to dry.

Step 2: Rinse the sleeve

Run WARM water to rinse your Fleshlight’s sleeve of any lube and bodily fluids. To flush out, just let water run through one orifice and out the other end for around 30 seconds. Then, while still running water, use a finger or two to remove product out of the sides, especially if using a more textured sleeve. Remember to be gentle to avoid creating micro-tears.

DO NOT use soap or hot water as this can degrade the SuperSkin material.

Step 3: Apply Fleshwash

Use a few spritz of our specialised care product to keep your Fleshlight clean as a whistle. Unlike other sex toy cleaners, Fleshwash has been specially formulated for use on our SuperSkin sleeves so you know you’re using the best possible product for your Fleshlight to be kept in top condition.

Fleshwash contains powerful safe-on-skin antibacterial agent triclosan. Our cleaner is also safe for use on any latex or silicone toy.

Step 4: Dry

After a thorough wash comes the dry. Though the hard case is super easy to dry with a hand towel or paper towel, the sleeve needs a little more time and effort. To fully dry your sleeve, you can either leave the sleeve in a warm and dry place, or wrap a chopstick or something similar in a microfiber cloth and push it through.

Make sure your Fleshlight sleeve is as dry as a bone before you place it back in the sleeve.

Step 5: Renew

Your Fleshlight’s SuperSkin sleeve may feel a bit tacky or sticky after a wash and dry but no need to fear because that’s normal. However, to restore your toy’s soft and realistic texture, dust it with our Renewing Powder.


  • Store your Fleshlight in its case as much as possible
  • Don’t use silicone lube with your Fleshlight
  • To save money and still get the complete clean, you can get the complete Fleshlight product care kit here.