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We know it’s not just women who want to look great in bed, so guys, here are a few tips to look extra sexy for that special someone.

What is a man’s most attractive feature?

It may sound cliché but confidence really is sexy and it’s a great starting point if you find yourself feeling insecure. Like in any situation, once you’re confident, the rest will come naturally.

When people are confident they have better posture, make more eye contact, and are much more relaxed. 

This means you won’t feel awkward or uncomfortable and in turn, both you and your sexual partner are going to have a more pleasurable time.

They’ll find you heaps hotter for feeling great and present in your body.

Shower (with soap and hot water)

It doesn’t matter how hot you are, the reality is if you stink, your date will probably find you less attractive and rethink having sex with you tonight. 

Unless you’re both horny AF and have slept together before, chances are they’re not going to be jumping all over you if you look or smell like you just hopped out of a garbage truck. 

Even if you think you haven’t gotten all dirty and sweaty throughout the day, it doesn’t hurt to lather up and give your body a soapy rub in a hot shower. Plus, most women find the fresh-out-of-the-shower look very sexy.

Trim and tidy (or don’t!)

Pubic hair can be left as is, taken all off, or made to be anything in-between. But for those wishing for their lover to get up close and personal with their manhood, you may want to communicate with your lover to make sure you’re on the same page when it comes to manscaping or keeping it au naturel.

Get moist

The power of body lotion is underrated. Not only can it do things like conquer back acne, butt acne, and hyperpigmentation, it also means no more rough or dry skin, which not only looks but feels better for both you and your partner. 

So, if you’ve never moisturised before, now’s the perfect time to start using a body lotion or cream to start your journey to smooth and silky skin.

If creams and lotions aren’t for you, body oil is another great option as it’s silky and sensual to touch but at the same time softens up the skin, which will make your body glisten and look extra sexy. 

May your skin stay soft and your erections hard.

Buy a new brief/pair of boxers

This one isn’t essential but does benefit your general appearance (especially for those in long-term relationships). Your partner has probably seen all of your undies – days of the week

briefs, your standard tighty whities, you know. 

If your partner notices you went the extra mile to wear something new to show off in the bedroom, you’re bound to receive more than verbal compliments.

Soften the lighting

You won’t have to turn off all the lights in the bedroom if you can set the mood with a bedside lamp or a dimmable light.

If you or your partner are into candles, use them to soften your features and add a sensual sense of mystery rather than your harsh ceiling light.

Dim lighting not only increases sexual arousal but is flattering for any and every body type.

To summarise things, though your sexual partner would already find you a catch, showing off a new brief or set of boxers, looking fresh and smelling amazing, manscaping, staying moisturised, soft lighting (flattering for you and your lover), and of course, confidence are just some extra ways to help you look sexier in the bedroom.