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Halloween is officially around the corner but it doesn’t have to end once the night’s over.

With COVID-19 changing our routines, what once meant hanging out at a bar with a group of friends or a crowded house party will be replaced with more people staying at home and having the night to themselves or with a partner.

We’ve compiled a list of ways to have spooky sex this Halloween, so awaken your netherworld with these fun and freaky ideas, so you don’t have to choose between a dick or treat.

1. Have fun with sex toys

Whether you’re on your own, partnered up, or having group sex, everyone already knows how good sex toys are so why not make the most of them this spooky season. But how can it get better? Having Halloween-themed sex toys. Check out Fleshlights line of freaks here.

2. Dress-up 

This is the one time of year you can pretty much dress up as anyone or anything you want to be. You could keep it classic and be a Power Ranger, a superhero or villain, or the sexy version of anything. If you’d prefer something a little more frightening, opt for a dirty devil, the Grim Reaper, a frisky Frankenstein, or a scary werewolf and get down and howl. 

3. Role-play

This one goes hand-in-hand with dressing up but if you’re not ready to take the plunge and go full out in costume, just play the part and get into the character of your deepest desires and ride and play all night and day. 

4. Tricks

There’s no better time to get your freak on than on the freakiest night of the year. So why not have some kinky sex and show your partner a scarily good time. Try ‘Bobbing for Apples’ where you place your hands behind your backs (to knot or to not – that is the question) and give each other hands-free oral. Tap, suck, lick and flick and see how many tricks you can perform before it gets too hot to handle.

5. Treats

Even if you hate people who trick-or-treat, there’s a good chance you enjoy chocolate or whipped cream and if it’s something you like outside the bedroom, why not try bringing it in and treat yourself and your partner to an extra delicious time. 

6. Use a dildo

The number 13 may be unlucky for some but lucky for you, that’s the number of Fleshlight freak dildos that are here to help you have a monster of a good time. Pick your poison from a selection of devilish creatures like the insertable six-inch Predator dildo or the whopping almost foot long snow blue Big Foot dildo with an insertable length of 9.5. That’s sure to get a scream out of you.

8. Fangs out

If you’re into vampires, channel your inner Dracula leave a trail of love bites (hickeys) on your lover as you build up the foreplay and you tease them until they can no longer take it. Have some blood-sucking fun and show your partner that love really does bite.